The red red balloon

Goes dancing higher & higher my nice red balloon
Upper & upper ~~~~~ where no one dares touch
Dancing with the wind ~~~~~ enjoys it so much
Winks at me from above …
OO I’m falling in love
Higher & higher into a cloud
Far beyond any crowd
It’s all I have, my hope
a new energy to cope
A reason to wake up or do such & such
I love my red balloon so0o0 much!

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another day

Still dawn
I start another day,
with a yawn
Looking out, the sky's gray
I take a step away,
to glance into the mirror ...... ohhhhh
Takes my breath away
Who is she?! staring at me!
Will she be my friend?
I'll find it out some day ...

but no, she seems a distance away
and not willing any attention to pay
It's ok
I say,
as I turn away
to face the day,
with another yawn.

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