I have nothing to write about anymore

Good bye

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the new year's day is called Nurooz

Today is the first day of the new day and the spring is blooming all around me in a lovely weather and i feel that i am alive and am glad to be alive; its a new discovery and rare feeling.

The sun shines with a new smile and the birds sing together celebrating the season.

Its good to pause and listen to the beautiful voice of nature; to live in the moment; now!

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In my peaceful kitchen

Why are Fridays like this? .. why do i feel lonely at Fridays even though its the only day of the week that every body is home and am not actually alone. Why do i feel like this? ~~

The other day i decided to make my boys happy so i made them pizza which they love and doesn't take long to prepare since its not my lazy days; and it took them only a few minutes to bite & swallow and finish with... from their remarks and the sparkle in their eyes i get it was a success :)

First thing to begin i made the dough and i left it to rise about 2 hours and left the kitchen.

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Then back in the kitchen i was to heat the oven, saute the ground meat with onion and prepare the tomato sauce which i spread over the dough with chopped, mushrooms, raw onions, green pepper and green peas and sweet corn and added cream on top to make it tastier.

Then i put the pizzas in 400 degree oven to bake one by one for 20 minutes and just before it was done, spreading the top with shredded cheese and returned in the oven to melt over the top.

At last it was ready and i picked a picture to share here to last:

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how strange ...
the way my moods change

how strange

the way i feel
Unable my Will

my heart crazy
my brain lazy

my life i leave with the past
to make me a feather dancing and turning with the wind.

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My kid's fishbowl

Through one's life

health, security, peace and love

are all essential,

like water for fishes

when the glass breaks we realize.

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pursuits of everyday life

Of the earth I am made

and across the earth i tread

and upon the earth i learn to live

and in Him I put my trust and faith

and back to earth i'll be taken to lay in

just like many others that you've already seen.

Earthenware is my favorite kind of pottery. The salad blowl is a handmade earthenware made in Hamedan Iran.
Yesterday i prepared tomatoes and lettuce salad for guests and liked to capture the view to post here to last:

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.. am back with a high dose of serotonin

hi .. this is the other crazy side of me speakin.

A kind of energy and speed has been mounting up inside me forcing me on to move around and talk and talk and talk from the time i wake.

At home my family are sometimes asking; sometimes begging me to keep quiet. hah, seems hard but can try anyhow.

I am self-absorbed and have fallen in love with me!

Not hating myself anymore now; It's a very nice feeling; wished i could describe the way it is exactly.

Few days ago i bought me a bunch of flowers; spending sometime to choose and pick each one with great care, here they are:

When one's mind is in peace it can be nice and peaceful stepping into a clean kitchen too; it is good to wash the dishes in quiet and disturb the quiet making lots of noises working in the kitchen and moreover i dont dislike cooking now; i even enjoy it, can you believe?

Today i made an apple pie for my guest; its ready now I offer you a piece if u come and knock my door:)

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