The reality

Candles extinguished by the winds of destiny
Everything lives here a while temporary

The hearts bury under the cobwebs and dust
once overwhelmed by passionate desires and lust

Minds haunted by the past and beauties that never last
Smiles a flicker of light amid the darkness vanishing as fast

Faces wrinkled; strands of hair turning white
Grows lifeless and dim the eyesight

Souls in turmoil; bodies losing shape
the seconds and minutes slipping away as a tape

As I walk on towards the border
with every breath I take the end comes closer and closer..

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Relying on dreams means turning away from reality?

Delightfuly shining twinkling star
amid the darkness blinking from afar

Our unreachable wishes and dreams
the more unreachable the more desirable it seems

If one day on the bright shining star we land
we would face no more than dark earth and sand

Still the mind goes astray
far from reality turning awry

Gazing at the filth and dirt of the street
the radiation of a thumping dreaming heart in conflict

A contrast, the thud
those with thirst and hunger; the urge for innocent blood

The weird creatures called humans which on blood they feed
with disgusting neverending greed

Giving the devil a helping hand harvesting the seed
in some corners of the filthy dirty street,

men get killed; mothers die and the children left to bleed.

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Stuffed with something you don't bring into words lest its sinful
you have lots to say and lots to express but pretend as a fool

you have the mind of a babe
life is short; time rules the crazy days and nights obey

you are scrutinized and judged here and there
could they see inside you they wouldn't be so unfair

you have a heart inside your chest thumping
in your heart rhythm you hear the sound of a step arriving

yet you keep silent when you got a lot to say
above the horizon Sun ascends as always to let the destiny play.

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