Makes him realize
just to look into her eyes

Makes him believe
as her smile is his relieve

The pain and hardship
melts away in true friendship

She might bring him anger, might make him real mad
when her smile dawns, he feels no longer sad

Sweeter than honey
cute as a smile of a baby

Leaves them just a single wish
at the moment to stop the time would be a relish.

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Lets forget the worries, let's sit here for a while.

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To be or Not to be

To be a drop of rain melting into the earth
to be the sparkle of light,

to vanish into the night
Or be a sigh escaping the breath
why am I me, a vulnerable being
why not be a bird?
or a lamb in a herd
my chest feels heavy; the heart longing to cry
but I just give out a sigh
I am a woman not a drop of rain
have to bear so much pain
how can I ever laugh again?
living my life in vain
He asks me why i did this or that
What would I answer?
"You made me ..You know better

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