this is a joke but maybe %50 true !

 You already know if you have taken a look into my profile that I am not into politics not only it makes me scared but also because i simply know Nothing about the issue. You ask me about a snake and i know nothing about that weired animal so i get scared just the same.

When I go into a social gathering meaning dinner parties weddings birthday parties etc .. i wish that i had brought my own pillow and could take a nap in a quiet corner unnoticed. wanna know why ? Because females are mostly discussing their make up or hair does or domestic affair or gossiping trivialities & males discussing cars and politics these are all things i dont give a damn about so it seeems I am in the middle of A Middle Age Crisis .. yeah that might B the problem , but surely i didn't brought it up manually; it came up with age ,, I am 45 now am I growing old ?? ! ! ah  now ladies you get scared of discussing your ages .. huh but I am not.  Age simply doesn't matter to me as long as am happy in peace the wrinkles at the corner of  lips just adds to the beauty in my opinion, the growing white hair can b dyed and here my opinion now is the most important not any body's else !.. I simply throw up my shoulder to whoever who mocks.

My middle sized son makes me smile sometimes. He tells me this joke the other day and i took it as a politic joke. read it then decide for yourself :

In a national gathering authorities from all over the world sit, negotiate and discuss the world affair.

There was a question asked for discussion :

Wots ur opinion about the lack of food in other countries ? 
Everybody kept staring at the speaker without a single reply just nodding their head dumbfounded and stupefied because :

the European knew nothing about lacks

the African knew nothing about food

the American knew nothing about other countries 

and the Iranian knew nothing about opinions.
How could they discuss something they simply knew nothing about? ;) 

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rising from a mother's heart

I have stopped my early morning walks for a few reasons... it was tiring and more than i could take.

Deciding to be a real good mother from the day my son's blow up. He was crying for me and because of me; it was me he was crying about desperately .. it was a heart wrenching sight when u witness your grown up son shedding tears  .. Oh .. still feel awful even talking about it like seeing a nightmare.. but the nightmare came to this conclusion .. am gonna be a good mom from now on till death do us apart .. I will make him smile inshala !

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