beyond Seas

I took this pic while driving along a country road that somehow reminded me of Olivia Newton John's old song.

a sunset sad but beautiful, isnt it?

Becoming fond of Sohrab Sepehri of lately, am sharing one of his works here turned into english:

I shall build a boat
I shall cast it in the water

I shall sail away from this strange earth
where no one awakens the heroes in the grove of love

a boat empty of net
and the heart longing for pearl

I shall continue sailing
Neither will I loose my heart for the blues
Nor for the mermaids who emerge from the water
To spread charm from their curls
On the lonely reflection of fishermen

I shall continue sailing
I shall continue singing

One should sail away, sail away
The night has sung its songs
Now it is the turn of windows

I shall continue sailing
I shall continue singing

Beyond the seas there is a town,
In which the windows open to reveal

Earth hears the music of your feeling
the fluttering sound of mythological birds is heard in the wind

beyond the seas there is a town
where the sun is as wide as the eyes of the early-risers
Poets inherit wisdom, light, and waters

Beyond the seas there is a town!
One must build a boat.

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