Hey you angels

I’ve been neglecting this page
Today I’m out of my cage
I step here to dust & care
and perfume for pleasure
Some water to refresh my flower
Leaving the windows open for more air
Hey angels here I need your wings
To nourish the imagination
A feather to tickle my sensation
So I fight the pirates with glory
a teasing smile; haughty and naughty
Hey angels, lend me your wings
So I fly to the other side of blues
flying over the cuckoo’s nest
and land on the cannibal's island
to peer into my rabbit’s hole and be there a guest
wondering if I'd be eaten alive or cooked first!

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يا علی

Words are beautiful from your mouth
a place brightens with you; and just you about
my dreams and wishes all forgotten
Other thoughts silly and rotten
It’s you whom I seek, whom I need; which I care
a drop of my tear makes you aware
the heaven is your kingdom and the angels yours to serve
and more you deserve and more you deserve
Won’t trade your smile with heaven
won't trade your smile with the sky
Let me die in peace and see you smiling at my side
only your smile I need so the other world to abide.

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Life is a story

Life is a story, a ball
a drama until the curtains fall
In the middle of a scene
as she plays the role of a happy queen
She falls knocked down
trying to smile; hiding her frown
It happens to her again & again
filling her up; making her mind go insane
does she deserve it ; isn’t it unfair?
now her eyes glistening with tear
her red balloon lost in the air
Now don’t throw her a rope
don’t give her another chance
for she gave up seeking,
sits there frozen in a trance
someone thinks she is made of stone
someone thinks she has no heart beside flesh & bone
as she walks on the edge the days come & go
the clock's chime
reminds her of time
a time the curtain falls.

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The daily routine impatient and waiting
while she wonders how to keep floating
she spends sometimes at her desk pondering
how to start the day with her heart beating so slow
how to start afresh, how to bring back the glow
and all she has to do is to keep on with the flow

The daily routine ....the starting of another day
be strong, be patient, keep going, take care
easy for others to say

And all she need is the bunch of flowers
to feel a flip of joy in her heart for hours
hears a whisper calling her from above the towers

Past above the tower of time
runs no clock no chime

Its shadow high above her she casts a glance
she will hurry there when she gets the chance

For the moment all she need is the bunch of flowers
the flip of joy in her heart to keep her going for hours

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That's what friends are for

You need to get something off your chest
to unburden what hurts you and rest

to close the door and fasten the lid
to get it open when you are in need

you need a Wishing Well
you need to have what no money can buy nor sell

to whisper your wishes and dreams to
you need a stone to talk into

not a wishingwell nor a stone but I offer you a heart of water & mud
a heart made of flesh and blood

a heart so hard to get and easy to mend; to keep your secrets in and pile up your sorrow
to get back when you have nowhere else to go

tell me of your dreams, of your wishes
tell me what’s been hurting you for years

in my chest keep what’s burdening you and more
that’s what friends are for..

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The change

You've got to love someone

You've got to see how beautiful shines the sun
You've got to feel the longing
the beat that keeps your heart run

the yearning & tears, the silent cry all gone
while you are with the loved one

no worry in your mind pricks
The color rushing back on your cheeks

Savoring the golden moments
Hearts fluttering like butterfly
ready to please, a radiant smile
vulnerable and shy.

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..... Smiles Posted by Picasa

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Makes him realize
just to look into her eyes

Makes him believe
as her smile is his relieve

The pain and hardship
melts away in true friendship

She might bring him anger, might make him real mad
when her smile dawns, he feels no longer sad

Sweeter than honey
cute as a smile of a baby

Leaves them just a single wish
at the moment to stop the time would be a relish.

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Lets forget the worries, let's sit here for a while.

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To be or Not to be

To be a drop of rain melting into the earth
to be the sparkle of light,

to vanish into the night
Or be a sigh escaping the breath
why am I me, a vulnerable being
why not be a bird?
or a lamb in a herd
my chest feels heavy; the heart longing to cry
but I just give out a sigh
I am a woman not a drop of rain
have to bear so much pain
how can I ever laugh again?
living my life in vain
He asks me why i did this or that
What would I answer?
"You made me ..You know better

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See the beauty

The leaf of a tree
a flower in the meadow
a bird in the sky
and the sky so blue
A feather dancing with the wind
a lover's sweet and silly wink,
makes one’s heart sink
To see the beauty
how green a tree
To be out of the shadow,
and watch a pink smiling lily.

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>>>>> <<<<<

I don't know if you know of the sorrow, of my pain
I don't know if you know of the trap i've fallen in
I don't know if you ever find the grave my soul is buried within

I don't know if you know how the tears in my eyes dance to and fro
I don't know if you know how my eyes is losing it's glow
I don't know if you know how my heart needs to cry
I don't know if you know how my soul longs to fly.

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Assure me you'll come at my grave
I will gladly die
Assure me you'll take my hand to save
I will gladly die
Assure me it will save you a tiny scar
I will gladly die
But all you ask me is to be good and I fall
To put a stop to it all,
I will gladly die
My angle, my darling
ask me to stop breathing
I will
ask me to go under a guillotine
I will
but being good
I have lost the power,
I’ve lost the will.
Posted by Picasa

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In an empty space
In stillness of my mind
There I cry out your name
if you listen to the silence
if you listen to the rain
if you listen to the wind
You may hear a voice calling you
a whisper in your ear.

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The story

Once upon a time lived a girl in a world of her needs and quest
mysteries she should solve the best

The sweet memories she would save
was ready for the hard special road to pave

Kept waiting ……and waiting …and waiting
her birdlike eyes gazing ahead, dreaming

Far in the horizon would come to take her the rider on a horse
or if like Peter Pan she could float in the air with no force

Days marching forward, time passed and seasons changed
fresh leaves dried up but her mind the same remained

So the duck turned into a swan
the girl grew up to become a woman

a woman who has the mind of a baby girl
the quest, needs and desires a swirl

Now the girl a woman and her heart easy to break
sunshine smiles each day for her sake
she dares not make a mistake

Surviving up and downs of life
she’s not an angel .. she is just a wife

the quests, needs and desire still in her mind a frame
to give her reason to live; to make her days colorful not the same
may a pure heavenly love warm her up in a flame.

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So beautiful ... needs no words

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The meaning

Wonder if life has a meaning
people wandering, sometimes gaining or losing

are there keys to doors and roads to cross
is love the sweet reason to come to life for us?

not a philosopher
but I know Love is the answer

the pearl hidden inside a heart
you'r not able to get apart

pure and strong
a fire burning fiercely within night and day long

leaving no thought,
but the one you sought

pure and powerful
simply wonderful

not a scientist
but I know love truly exist.

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The Wonderland

The land I live in is green
which I stepped in as a queen

No voice, no sound; far far away from a crowd
rabbits looking happy and proud

Just the sound of silence
just the sea glittering in brilliance

And silence keeps me company
or sometimes broken to let a bird sing to me

The only roof is my blue sky which the birds feel free to spread their wings and fly
flapping its colorful wings little butterfly; no need to worry, no need to cry

The birds and butterflies living free
since my land is clean of enemy

Just the bright colored lively flowers surrounding me
the sun and the moon each a beauty;
Shining from above and smiling in harmony.

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Cool and fresh like the morning breeze .......
Comes a feeling to make someone's heart at ease
Posted by Hello

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an untold story

In the quietness of a summer afternoon
here I laze a while on the ground

beside me glides my red balloon
a hand under my chin
my pen caressing the sleepy paper watching
Looking for words I try to find
to write you of my heart & of my mind
to write you of untold
to write you a story never sold
to write you about a wild horse
of her need and desire to ramble with no remorse
I would write infinitely
but words keep playing hide and seek with me
if time my captive and words obedient
I would be writing for you endlessly.

( I dedicate this poem to my dear friend)

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** Posted by Hello

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** Posted by Hello

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Throwing the dark glasses away
the happiness comes back to me this way
for the sky looks bluer
and the sun shining brighter, O may
How beautiful to be a kid and play
How marvelous
As I put the dark glasses away
Worries packed and disposed
the sad mood to pester me vapors
Gloomy clouds vanish,
The grim face of life to hell with, I say
Throwing the dark glasses miles away
Seems everything smiles at me today
I hear a whisper,
asking me to smile back in return and I obey
The sparkle back,
into my eyes .. into The windows of my soul
I put a light at my windows
So through the darkness you may find your way

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The lovely flowers I recieved on my birthday Posted by Hello

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This is not a poem

There are days in my life I prefer to skip away
like I do today
Let it go with the wind .. let it blow away
I just watch and be the witness to a rainy day
Can't smile .... nor can I pray
Sorry for what I say
Can't help it .... everything seems gray
Save yourself and be away
I hate to see you hurt or dismay
By the way,
Tell me What is Love if you may

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a deep breath

At the side of the wall a girl is waiting
a twinkle of hope in her dreamy eyes
her lips partly open
her mind an ocean
She's been waiting for so long
to defeat the time she mumbles a song
Now throwing aside her sorrow
She looks for an Opening, a Window
into a brighter world
where hearts need not be enfold
into the Other side
so to float with the serene peaceful tide
She's been kept in dark
Now she needs an embark
Giving out a sigh
a new try
She inhales a deep breath
A deep deep breath
to surrender
to welcome the future

mumbling a sweet happy song.

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The wall

Wished I could break the wall
The cold silent mocking wall
blocking the road, blocking the way
I cry out in vain
A voiceless cry but nobody hears
am getting insane
the wind might hear me
or the sun & the moon and maybe the rain
they may hear and witness the pain.

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On my back a bag

A cotton bag on my back I carry
waking up and back to life every day
My bag is jammed up with the life ahead
The days ahead which I can't count
The happenings I can't foresee
wondering how many days left in the bag
though it feels no heavy
wished I could peer in and see
I'v spent the most carelessly
The rest unknown, Future scares me
I flow with the currents, floating with destiny.

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The night

Looking out my bedroom window I marvel at the beauty
The moon shining, smiling kindly

The night clear; silence everywhere
a fresh breeze appear

The scent is of a spring flower
A cascade of moonlight, silvery shower

through my window .. into my heart
caressing my body, caressing my soul

What a beauty! I ponder

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Cold cold hearts

Take her from here...
To where her heart be no longer coldPosted by Hello

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Birds open their wings wide in the air, seeking love
Creatures move in a hope of finding love

Wandering in mind I always be
as long as I live & as long as I find the air for me

O God ... where are Thee?
Your poor miserable maid needs You awfully

Into Your arm she needs to flee
Into Your arm as a refugee
She needs to be loved
She needs this mystery solved
Take her from here, from the filth of this world
To where her heart be no longer cold

To where love is as pure as gold

an everlasting world
where angles live & fly
where eagles dare not pry
You who brought love to earth
You who brought her along with birth
You who feed her and give her faith,

Please, quench her in love
before its too late.

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It's been years and years, over the years I survive
depression eating me alive
no one the cause .. No one to blame
It's eating my soul like a flame
every shoulder carries a burden
each has a share if different not the same
unable to pray or sometimes shed a tear
with people I pretend I hear
my mind a confusion
obesessed with emotion
sinking in an endless ocean
days pass by ..... one by one
pleased to watch the days pass
came another sun
my mate has had a lot
the future I wonder about
I'm the gooseberry he can't swallow, nor can he throw out.

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As I see u coming my way

I was going to tell you of the sorrow,
Of my heartache
But I find none to say
Since the sorrow melts away
as I see you coming my way.

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Don't surrender your loneliness
So quickly
Let it cut more deep

Let it ferment and season you
As few human
Or even divine ingredients can

Something missing in my heart tonight
Has made my eyes so soft,
My voice
So tender,

My need of God
Absolutely Clear.

(From HAFEZ, the Persian poet)

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Loving my solitude whenever it be
With no one around buzzing like a bee
No pretence, no words of politeness, a time I feel free
People, a boredom since I wonder how to please
So I seek my solitude when and where it is

Every single day with every beat of my heart
I look for something I know not what
Seeking a miracle to happen if might,
bring into my heart a light
Or a day wonderfully bright
Or a wind blowing me to a place out of sight
There would be no worries left, no evil to fight
what's on my mind I can’t put into words right
Here I am clad in white,
waiting for the miracle to pour into my heart the light.

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The angel

A naughty imagination & a restless mind,
These two take my hand
And lead me into a WonderLand
There on my way I meet an angel, half human
with a couple of magical wings,
he stands there over the sand
The wings are golden and his smile of a human
There's no one in sight
His smile is so bright
a colorful world ....
There exists no fight
Let the angel fly here & there
Through my dreams, over this wonderful land.

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The cage called heart

It feels a bit empty,
the cage called heart ...
I need to have something to fill in
Come and end it all,
you american soldier
Ride the army jets,
shed some blood
I don't mind,
I don't care,
If it's you who ends this life of mine.

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The Miracle

Sinking into a sea of emotion
The Ship struggles unsure
Comes along a huge wave of affection
a miracle ! ... hugs and carries her ashore
The Ship stares at the wave moving away
as the sun sends her the brightest smiling ray.


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A whisper

Hey ....
If someday you leave with no words to say
If someday you go away
I shall ask the wind to come
I shall ask the wind to stay
I shall ask the thunder to howl words of dismay
and the rain to pour and run
My tear drops all dried up and gone
So will bid me a last farewell the morning sun
For I shall never live another day.

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Who wipes away your tear,
if you are sad .... if you fear?
Who strokes your hair
and be of you much aware,
if I be no near?
Who’s going to make you smile or make you shy?
Whose shoulder will you rely,
if ever you are going to cry,
under a starless sky?
Who will bring your night into a light
and be waiting for you day and night?
Who tells you a story from rain,
and sings of love, and of pain?
Who looks up the sky with fear,
lest a star shines,
not bringing your memory here?
if I be no near.

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  • Sunflower waits for her lover,
    every single day .... each hour
    while a dark cloud covers up the sun
    making her so sad and sour
    So worried about the rain
    She tries not to go insane
    Thus love keeps her waiting in rain
    Just a wind could blow the cloud away,
    would help her see the sun once again
    The day ends in vain
    But love never ends
    She be here waiting for her lover
  • every single day and each hour.

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