the swing of a troubled mind

Is it through the flame that I walks in peace?
hm ..if so I never notice

The rage, anger and madness season a life                
Sometimes soft as a feather;
sometimes like a knife

The poor manic is she
one who lets her mood wriggle free

now don’t you sigh
let's have a cup of coffee; to satisfy                          
Is it a poisonous cup?
Let me drink every single drop

With hopes and less care
 not aware

Promised no rose garden
I beg your pardon

The reflection smiles at me
looking into the mirror
to like what I see

No bonds and ties
comfortably numb
I've never been wise.

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It was like Yesterday
happily I started the day

Opened my window
Took a deep breath so and so

right before sunrise and the usual prayer
then thirstily I drank drops of water 
mumbling a happy song under the shower
Combed my changing color hair
Watered the plants and pots and the flower
Then I washed the backyard putting everything into order
Dusted an array of  table and chair

then the door bell .. Oh! ..I ran up to the door to open and smiled widely
a nice day to chitchat and have a cup of Turkish coffee

there were Coconut cookies freshly baked in the oven too
was So happy to share the day with you!

I talked nonsense; made you smile,
even for a few flying minutes made you forget your own worry.

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