the secret of a succeful day

When serotonin takes control of the body and mind so it turns into an overload of words and new crazy ideas. Some beneficial, some devastatingly silly and mischievous.

After 24 years of married life I made a new discovery !  

"the secrets to a successful happy day"

Of course this is not a self improvement blog but I'm willing to share these with those who are still wondering.

The secret is to rise early before sunrise and prepare lunch in advance and organize the day ahead of time ! 

so did I, unlike my blue days

Yesterday was Eid and a very nice day :

I woke up just a little before sunrise .. i crept out of the bed stealthily careful not to wake my husband, then prayed as fast as a wink .. deciding to do that  in a better and graceful manner tomorrow!

Changing into a cotton T shirt and jeans I flew out of the house taking a walk to enjoy and breath the clean and fresh early morning air. there is peace and quite while everyone is sleep with no vehicle moving about to disturb the peace and quite....

To be continued ....

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