beyond Seas

I took this pic while driving along a country road that somehow reminded me of Olivia Newton John's old song.

a sunset sad but beautiful, isnt it?

Becoming fond of Sohrab Sepehri of lately, am sharing one of his works here turned into english:

I shall build a boat
I shall cast it in the water

I shall sail away from this strange earth
where no one awakens the heroes in the grove of love

a boat empty of net
and the heart longing for pearl

I shall continue sailing
Neither will I loose my heart for the blues
Nor for the mermaids who emerge from the water
To spread charm from their curls
On the lonely reflection of fishermen

I shall continue sailing
I shall continue singing

One should sail away, sail away
The night has sung its songs
Now it is the turn of windows

I shall continue sailing
I shall continue singing

Beyond the seas there is a town,
In which the windows open to reveal

Earth hears the music of your feeling
the fluttering sound of mythological birds is heard in the wind

beyond the seas there is a town
where the sun is as wide as the eyes of the early-risers
Poets inherit wisdom, light, and waters

Beyond the seas there is a town!
One must build a boat.

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Thousands secrets of nature we share
a rose needs sunshine; needs attention and care

Hearts pure as gold, free from dust, and free of mold
hearts are to give; they are never sold

The best gift we have ever given away
they are not toys to play
Hearts need attention and care
Birds need to fly in pair.

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To the One who Hears

برابري نكرد همه عالم و عالميان
 دمی كه جوابم دادي آنسان

باز ديدم از بهشت بسويم دري
دمی كه بلطف خود پناهم دادي

كند مرده را زنده بينا شود كور
دیم كه بشنود صداي عزيز تو از دور

گرفت جان و شد صبر در وجودم با معنا
دمی كه بدان امر فرمودي مرا

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in the wind

Like a candle in the wind of destiny

the unstable mood and spirit demanding

a corner; a couple of arms to flee.

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The little polar bear keeps the walk slow

leaving behind her mind and soul lost amid the snow

to continue her journey through the snow covered road

the hailstorm causing a blurry vision fold

it's hard to find the light put by the window pane

the whole wolrd looks frozen along with drops of rain

from far the home comes to view or is just a mirage

she is supposed to reach home where dad is waiting in rage

the little polar bear keeps walking sluggishly

carrying the weight of a smile on her face mindlessly.

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Some more Serotonin ...... a couple of wings to fly

O God .. I am stuck to the ground

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Happy new year?

The new year brings a new day to start

new fresh leaves sprouting

Goldfish in the bowl looking for know not what.

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