"The 'tongue' is the most unruly member of the body. You can either 'make' or 'break' someone with your tongue. I know that may sound humorous, but it is so true. We may be able to take back a lot of things, but we can never take back words spoken. That is why we must always watch what we say, and only speak the truth."

my dear newly discovered American friend Linda wrote me this precious advice the other day which I need to read and reread, keep in mind and never forget

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patience pays

Early morning was spent sometime on TV; I was witnessing Chili miners being rescued. The overjoyed faces when they met the family member after they reached the surface stepping on the ground was really worth watching to share the true joy and delight. I could feel a lump in my throat when each waiting family member wiped off their wet eyes every now and then.

Fortunately they got their reward; the family reunion and joyful smiles was not the work of any TV company , it was just real.

it's more than a new lesson . it's life and all about it. Patience pays

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Each day is a new lesson

Could be worse

This too will pass

I learned these two phrases today  which I can deeply feel and realize the true meaning

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