mindinside story

Careless about the past or the mysterious future, just enjoying the present, I was having a nice joyful walk.The air I breathed felt wonderful as I gulped the fresh air in, filling up my lungs, mumbling a soft song as I walked passed the lovely road called life.

All of a sudden I, felt an opening beneath my step and before I could move, stumbled into a dark strange abyss. Terrified I called out for help in vain since nobody could hear.
At last I gave up calling and made an effort to get up trying to examine my surrounding in the dark. There I could feel nothing but a cold rough wall cutting me off from the out side world with the mere darkness engulfing me.

There was no one there to hold, neither a hand nor warm caring opened arms that I could run into. A damn sickening darkness was all around, and who knew what was lurking in the corner.

I then craved the warmth of a humanly touch.
All I cared about was the closeness of another's hot breath as I sat there motionless, lost in desperation waiting for a miracle; waiting for a light to appear above my head.

I still glance up every once a while looking for a reflection to help me find the way out.

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Happiness is not a thing; it is a feeling

As an empty notebook to draw or paint in colorful hues

as the pages are turned over

leaf after leaf; day after day

life is our given gift.

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