Self confidence is a necessity or else I will turn into a donkey

The thought of past, people and all that has happened to me through the 45 years is haunting me like never before .. I don't like to share them with you or anybody else I don wanna share it with me either since its no use to go over the past salting the wounds.
I'd rather close the lid and throw the whole bottle out to the sea and whoever gets it shall do the same letting it immerse and absorb enough water maybe the dried up tears would flow pour out to the sea .. so the bottle feels released sailing back to me again .. maybe.

  To be a wolf or a tigress is so easy and to be donkey is not as easy as u imagine .. I would have to carry so much burden though nobody was ever pleased with me but wait what about being a real lady ?  I  have tried them all with the unique hidden potentials that I've already got from Dunno Where Land. A dear friend suggested be a lady and i replied thats easy too .. I've got that hidden potential also I only have to drag it out, a little bit dusting and cleaning and then watch it shine.

I'm learning to say no to people fighting against my own shyness or any lack of self confidence. This is another new lesson to me a new challenge, another battleship that needs lots of self confidence, energy, iron,Vitamin B and a very calm and polite attitude to face people so ladies stand up follow me; don't let be used like a tool show them all you are a lady not a donkey anymore. It works out they will even respect us, yes it works i tried.

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