I'm Alive !

HUMMM hummm hum humm I get wings to fly oH Ho ... I'm Alive !

yeah ..

I get wings to fly .. I feel that I'm Alive

when you bless the day I just drift away ...

and am glad that I'm Alive ...

My spirit takes flight ..

because I'm Alive

I know that.... i can touch the sky ..

and am glad that ..I'm Alive !

God Knows that ..

that I be the one standing by through good and through bad times

I can't wait for the rest of my life

have to do something ...

God knows that I'm ALLLive !

*****              ****              *****             ****

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The Gift

I've got some free time on my own now and God how much I need this .. everyone in the house has left me alone now and that seems a blessing for the time being!.. but oh i hear the door opening and he is in saying hi and how are yous .. i say hi and then "no am not good " is my second reply to his inquiring about me .. yeah i am not feeling okay .. not as happy as i started the day ! but thank God i have had a nice day moving about running around .. here and there in a childlike carefree happiness you may never experience. Everything is temporary .. happiness doesn't last long so the day ended not as it started .. quite the opposite  I was a tigress in rage few moments ago and am not gonna tell you how and and why .. since talking about it hurts more .. so lets change the subject:

Today was Tuesday  6 July.

Tuesdays I'm free and do my best to amuse my/poor/self and have a little fun AMAP that's as much as possible.

This is what I scribbled on a piece of paper before going out to a friend today now am typing the words .. sharing it with whoever and everyone who cares to read:

Thank YOU God for giving me the day, the tuseday

It's a gift from YOU

The nicest gift i've ever received

You are Unique and so is YOUR gift.


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Time is getting short

Finding no time to gossip, have no time to feel ill

No time to loose and waste, no time for silly words and then copy paste

Every second has a ticket .. if u wanna win just pick it

There's no time to pause and feel sad, no time to think bad

I've got no time to break the hearts here and there,

now it's getting much better and better.

Thank YOU God for letting me no time!   

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