The story

Once upon a time lived a girl in a world of her needs and quest
mysteries she should solve the best

The sweet memories she would save
was ready for the hard special road to pave

Kept waiting ……and waiting …and waiting
her birdlike eyes gazing ahead, dreaming

Far in the horizon would come to take her the rider on a horse
or if like Peter Pan she could float in the air with no force

Days marching forward, time passed and seasons changed
fresh leaves dried up but her mind the same remained

So the duck turned into a swan
the girl grew up to become a woman

a woman who has the mind of a baby girl
the quest, needs and desires a swirl

Now the girl a woman and her heart easy to break
sunshine smiles each day for her sake
she dares not make a mistake

Surviving up and downs of life
she’s not an angel .. she is just a wife

the quests, needs and desire still in her mind a frame
to give her reason to live; to make her days colorful not the same
may a pure heavenly love warm her up in a flame.

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So beautiful ... needs no words

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The meaning

Wonder if life has a meaning
people wandering, sometimes gaining or losing

are there keys to doors and roads to cross
is love the sweet reason to come to life for us?

not a philosopher
but I know Love is the answer

the pearl hidden inside a heart
you'r not able to get apart

pure and strong
a fire burning fiercely within night and day long

leaving no thought,
but the one you sought

pure and powerful
simply wonderful

not a scientist
but I know love truly exist.

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