Hopes are dreams and dreams are lies
so the hope inside me dies
tired of living in conflicts, talks and promises,
I'm left in dried up tears
the hope was a light inside
coming from my Otherside
forcing me on to ride
never did I fear a perilous tide
the life I no longer abide
now throwing my hopes aside
while the birds sing & still shines the sun
my hopes are with the wind and gone.

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Someone to warm me up

I need Some One,
Who warms me up when it's cold in the grave
and takes my hand to save
who wipes my ocean of tears into a wave
For it's dark and lonely in there,

and I be no longer feeling brave.

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Leave the sorrow,
run so fast
go to where the joy would last
a world of hopes
a world of colors
Leaving behind all your horrors
No more tear, nor a sigh
no more cry for sudden good bye
There would be just .... You and I,
under the beautiful blue blue sky.

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To paint the days

Paint your days a colorful hue
One day be purple, one day be blue
To paint them bright, it’s the clue

Life may be boring…days may be dull
A smile may change a day, that’s all
Days are seasons
One day be summer, one day be fall
Days shall be colorful not dull

One day you are happy, one day blue
So this is what you have to do
paint your days a colorful hue.

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NOT a clown!

I'm the one who falls stumbling down
standing up at last with a little frown
Some people think of me as a clown
Crazy enough to wake up at dawn
Cause I forget the age, sing a childish song
Cause am sad and silly all life long
You know, they are wrong!
Working faster than their brain is their tongue
Deep inside me lives a girl crying all night long
But if pause and listen,
I might hear the bird of happiness
Singing me a beautiful song.

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Smile at me

Life is the mirror,
reflecting every move you make ....
the smile that shines on your face, fills my heart with joy
your frown casts a shadow upon my soul
to darken the days as black as coal
your smile is so inviting, sending me waves of happiness
let the smile spread on your face
let me see you smile always.

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I want to break free

I need to fly
Let the wind blow me away,

Far…far…far away

Where the wind can dance and sway
Through the flowers poised in array

Where a butterfly be the queen
And be the trees alive with green

And be no winter any more
And be no need to bolt a door

O God, how I need to break free
To break free the chains of being me.

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The red red balloon

Goes dancing higher & higher my nice red balloon
Upper & upper ~~~~~ where no one dares touch
Dancing with the wind ~~~~~ enjoys it so much
Winks at me from above …
OO I’m falling in love
Higher & higher into a cloud
Far beyond any crowd
It’s all I have, my hope
a new energy to cope
A reason to wake up or do such & such
I love my red balloon so0o0 much!

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another day

Still dawn
I start another day,
with a yawn
Looking out, the sky's gray
I take a step away,
to glance into the mirror ...... ohhhhh
Takes my breath away
Who is she?! staring at me!
Will she be my friend?
I'll find it out some day ...

but no, she seems a distance away
and not willing any attention to pay
It's ok
I say,
as I turn away
to face the day,
with another yawn.

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