Someone to warm me up

I need Some One,
Who warms me up when it's cold in the grave
and takes my hand to save
who wipes my ocean of tears into a wave
For it's dark and lonely in there,

and I be no longer feeling brave.

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Anonymous said...

haven't you someone,
haven't you something,then...
there will be someone,
holding your hand
there will be something,
to warm up your heart
where ever you are
grave, or in darkness
he will be there
wiping your tears

A.H.ROSTAMI said...

I am very afraid of grave. It will be horrible place.But God is very mercifull and He will be with us.If a dead person had been good during her or his living on earth and a good believer then the grave will be a very nice place for her or him. God please help all of us.
You are a nice and good beliver in God , you should not be affraid of GRAVE at all.