Who wipes away your tear,
if you are sad .... if you fear?
Who strokes your hair
and be of you much aware,
if I be no near?
Who’s going to make you smile or make you shy?
Whose shoulder will you rely,
if ever you are going to cry,
under a starless sky?
Who will bring your night into a light
and be waiting for you day and night?
Who tells you a story from rain,
and sings of love, and of pain?
Who looks up the sky with fear,
lest a star shines,
not bringing your memory here?
if I be no near.

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Anonymous said...

By far the best among your poems. I can't find a hitch anywhere, vibrant and brilliant too. Where are your earlier poems, if I may ask ? I dont think you have started writing at this age, if the age disclosed is true.

Anonymous said...

A bee...
a humble bee
with its wings so wide
buzzing the song of love
waiting day and night
who can wipe away
tear after tear