a deep breath

At the side of the wall a girl is waiting
a twinkle of hope in her dreamy eyes
her lips partly open
her mind an ocean
She's been waiting for so long
to defeat the time she mumbles a song
Now throwing aside her sorrow
She looks for an Opening, a Window
into a brighter world
where hearts need not be enfold
into the Other side
so to float with the serene peaceful tide
She's been kept in dark
Now she needs an embark
Giving out a sigh
a new try
She inhales a deep breath
A deep deep breath
to surrender
to welcome the future

mumbling a sweet happy song.

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Anonymous said...

A smile on your lips,
a breath as light as wisper,
a joy like you never had,
keep others smile,
keep them stay alive.

L said...

hello! thanks for visiting my blog :)

nice poetry.....