Throwing the dark glasses away
the happiness comes back to me this way
for the sky looks bluer
and the sun shining brighter, O may
How beautiful to be a kid and play
How marvelous
As I put the dark glasses away
Worries packed and disposed
the sad mood to pester me vapors
Gloomy clouds vanish,
The grim face of life to hell with, I say
Throwing the dark glasses miles away
Seems everything smiles at me today
I hear a whisper,
asking me to smile back in return and I obey
The sparkle back,
into my eyes .. into The windows of my soul
I put a light at my windows
So through the darkness you may find your way

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A.H.ROSTAMI said...

I got delighted too!

Anonymous said...

With a poem like this and the pic above with bluish sky and clouds, there should be butterflies too...it sparkles too many.