an untold story

In the quietness of a summer afternoon
here I laze a while on the ground

beside me glides my red balloon
a hand under my chin
my pen caressing the sleepy paper watching
Looking for words I try to find
to write you of my heart & of my mind
to write you of untold
to write you a story never sold
to write you about a wild horse
of her need and desire to ramble with no remorse
I would write infinitely
but words keep playing hide and seek with me
if time my captive and words obedient
I would be writing for you endlessly.

( I dedicate this poem to my dear friend)

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A.H.ROSTAMI said...

I felt younghood, desire,power and energy. Yes energy changes but never dies, it last endlessly!
Thank you very much for this writing. My english is not good, but I dare give you A+

Anonymous said...

A pleat,
A sliver,
A sway
A wave
An atom
in the open

Anonymous said...

a poetic excellence unleashed like a fine tuned Sitar.

Anonymous said...

I am your hope, to live
here,with all I have,
just for you
Don't ever give up.

Othersideblue said...

Who are you?