The meaning

Wonder if life has a meaning
people wandering, sometimes gaining or losing

are there keys to doors and roads to cross
is love the sweet reason to come to life for us?

not a philosopher
but I know Love is the answer

the pearl hidden inside a heart
you'r not able to get apart

pure and strong
a fire burning fiercely within night and day long

leaving no thought,
but the one you sought

pure and powerful
simply wonderful

not a scientist
but I know love truly exist.

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Anonymous said...


jche said...

Thanks for the comment in my blog. Have great days ahead of you.

A.H.ROSTAMI said...

It seems as if you have a very wonderful life.
I think the best love is the love of God. I think that in your poem you refer to this love too. Any way I love God a lot. He persuades people to like me and I like them too.
Your poem is very nice.

Anonymous said...

A boy with a heart so kind....

Anonymous said...

I wonder