To be or Not to be

To be a drop of rain melting into the earth
to be the sparkle of light,

to vanish into the night
Or be a sigh escaping the breath
why am I me, a vulnerable being
why not be a bird?
or a lamb in a herd
my chest feels heavy; the heart longing to cry
but I just give out a sigh
I am a woman not a drop of rain
have to bear so much pain
how can I ever laugh again?
living my life in vain
He asks me why i did this or that
What would I answer?
"You made me ..You know better

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Anonymous said...

A sheep when it crys,
You call it a cry
A dog when it shouts,
You call it a bark
A bird when make some sounds,
You call it a song.
How will you know
when the bird is so sad ?
Have you ever heard
A bird in its cry ?

A.H.ROSTAMI said...

God and only God knows why you are created as a woman,not any thing else. Your exitance is a harmony, a good poet, with good poems. Is,nt it great?