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Careless about the past or the mysterious future, just enjoying the present, I was having a nice joyful walk.The air I breathed felt wonderful as I gulped the fresh air in, filling up my lungs, mumbling a soft song as I walked passed the lovely road called life.

All of a sudden I, felt an opening beneath my step and before I could move, stumbled into a dark strange abyss. Terrified I called out for help in vain since nobody could hear.
At last I gave up calling and made an effort to get up trying to examine my surrounding in the dark. There I could feel nothing but a cold rough wall cutting me off from the out side world with the mere darkness engulfing me.

There was no one there to hold, neither a hand nor warm caring opened arms that I could run into. A damn sickening darkness was all around, and who knew what was lurking in the corner.

I then craved the warmth of a humanly touch.
All I cared about was the closeness of another's hot breath as I sat there motionless, lost in desperation waiting for a miracle; waiting for a light to appear above my head.

I still glance up every once a while looking for a reflection to help me find the way out.

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Jac said...

So you know miracles happen !!

Othersideblue said...


there's always a flicker of hope or else how could we survive?

Abdolhossein said...

Hi, yes, I believe in miracle. Isn,t the world miracle too?

Othersideblue said...


yes it is :)

Anonymous said...

Your writtings give harmony to those who seek its meaning. VERY creative!

brick said...

Your writtings give harmony to those who seek its meaning. VERY creative!

Othersideblue said...


Thanks for observing my writtings and for your nice encouraging comment.

You are most welcome!

rohit said...

What a clever writing style you have. I really like the way you described your not-so-loved items, and the slideshow was brillo. I saw Mud's slideshow yesterday with the spotty tights, and loved that, too.

paucita said...

hi dear,pls visit my blog ;)

Othersideblue said...

dear paucita,

This is great to see you have been here..

sure will visit your blog if you give me the link

Annie said...

I am deeply touched by your writing and hope you will continue to post. I was so glad you came to my site and hope to exchange ideas, feelings and thoughts! Take care-Annie

Crimson Shimmer said...

Beautifully written :)

Othersideblue said...


Sharing your experience and views on mood swings are priceless ..

thanks for caring to read my writing and your comment

Othersideblue said...

Crimson Shimmer,

thank you :)