.. am back with a high dose of serotonin

hi .. this is the other crazy side of me speakin.

A kind of energy and speed has been mounting up inside me forcing me on to move around and talk and talk and talk from the time i wake.

At home my family are sometimes asking; sometimes begging me to keep quiet. hah, seems hard but can try anyhow.

I am self-absorbed and have fallen in love with me!

Not hating myself anymore now; It's a very nice feeling; wished i could describe the way it is exactly.

Few days ago i bought me a bunch of flowers; spending sometime to choose and pick each one with great care, here they are:

When one's mind is in peace it can be nice and peaceful stepping into a clean kitchen too; it is good to wash the dishes in quiet and disturb the quiet making lots of noises working in the kitchen and moreover i dont dislike cooking now; i even enjoy it, can you believe?

Today i made an apple pie for my guest; its ready now I offer you a piece if u come and knock my door:)

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abdolhossein rostami said...

Hello, I am happy that you wrote. I am glad you have so much energy. You did very good job. Forgive me it is good to talk less and let other people to express themselves.Always be happy.