I believe in God .. no wonder

  I dislike debates, going to details trying to prove my belief since each person is free to choose the way .. either right or wrong it is absolutely Not my business to guide and preach :P

and I dislike advertising for God and my faith since its Not my job.

I do believe:

1- We people and the skies and planet, the universe are created by an able hand not by a mere BOOOM! I believe God created me and the rest including plants and animals and stars and skies and planets and even the devil!( i call him He; though he is not male or female; because i know no other way to call him

2 - He is kind and merciful and does justice, He hears and listens and witnesses Everything

3 - He is closer to you and me than our earlobe

4 -  He is beyond quality and quantity .. He just created them all

5 - God or wot ever the name is the One who saves or destroys by hands and devices that are viewable

6- He is the reason i prefer not go wrong and improve in every way .. I simply have no other reason.

( You may ask why earthquakes and floods, demises and natural disasters!
I both know and dont know cause there are lots of things i dont know and I know just a little but am sure whatever happens there must have been a reason for it.)

bye and take care wherever you are,


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Delirious said...

Thank you for sharing! We share many of the same beliefs! :)

Othersideblue said...


Ur most welcome! :)

merilee said...

you're right our learning is a process and we get mistakes everyday...and everything has a reason why it happen..thanks for sharing i like this.

Othersideblue said...

your most welcome Merilee .. am glad to know u liked my post, thank you for caring to read through :)