its a nice day

yes it is a nice day either because my serotonin level is high or .. ?

Any how I am grateful wondering how and in what language to thank God enough; shall i whisper or say it out loud like mad?  shall i say it in Arabic, Persian or English?

I Know God loves me and I can feel it with my whole existence now .. discovered it a few days ago but .. hushhh! am not going to tell you how cause it takes longer than you imagine. You would lose interest. I can see you yawning both patient and impatiently waiting for me to shut my mouth up :P

Today my son and i were chit chatting, that is something rare. I do not remember what we were actually talking about but this one particular discussion is still ringing in my ears " If my dad were rich he would/could marry a better woman" the last syllables spoken quieter and slower with fear till i could barely hear the end.

In any other circumstances I would be mad at him or at least offended but Now i see with amazement that this not only does not bother me but also this is something i agree with.

I regard this a victory and a joy; you may wonder why.

Being able to stand and hear the unpleasant fact means strength, a victory!
Being able to listen to a grown up son saying his opinion frankly into your face and smile and not frown means victory.

I am happy and I thank God for all the gifts He has poured over my life, for every single drop... I feel drenched in gratitude.

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Delirious said...

It is a beautiful day here too. There is a cool breeze with a few clouds. I don't think it will get too hot today. I am preparing to walk the dog. She is waiting very patiently. :)

I would be interested in hearing more about your relationship with God. That interests me very much.

I was thinking about what your son said, and wondering about his definition of "better". Does he mean a richer woman? Does he mean a prettier woman? Because I think it would be difficult for your husband to find a woman with stronger character than you have. You have a depth of character that is rare. You are a jewel!

parandeye aby said...

ay!i guess it should be wonderful to have a grown up son and being able to talk to him friendly! I'm happy 4 u! and your weblog is really beautiful and warm

Othersideblue said...


My son is, young,looking at the matter from his own view .. he wishes he were richer than he is now; i see

donno what he meant by "better"

i just smiled:)

Othersideblue said...

Parandeye aby,

Yes it feels good. We are friends sometimes he forgets am his mom.. specially nowadays that am not much older than 9!

Thank you for surfing my blog