See the beauty

The leaf of a tree
a flower in the meadow
a bird in the sky
and the sky so blue
A feather dancing with the wind
a lover's sweet and silly wink,
makes one’s heart sink
To see the beauty
how green a tree
To be out of the shadow,
and watch a pink smiling lily.

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Anonymous said...

a return smile to the smiling pink lily :-)

Anonymous said...

Forgot to leave two more smiles for the other two buds in that pic, which by this time should be smiling wide too.
:-) :-)

A.H.ROSTAMI said...

Very good poem
I feel I am in that scene!

bibi said...

They asked me how I knew
my true love was true, ah, ah.
I of course replied,
"Something here inside
cannot be denied."
They said, "Someday you'll find
all who love are blind, ah, ah.
When your heart's on fire,
you must realize
smoke gets in your eyes."
So I chaffed them and I gayly laughed,
to think they could doubt my love.
Yet today, my love has flown away:
I am without my love.
Now laughing friends deride
tears I cannot hide, ah, ah.
So I smile and say,
"When a lovely flame dies,
smoke gets in your eyes,
smoke gets in your eyes."