The daily routine impatient and waiting
while she wonders how to keep floating
she spends sometimes at her desk pondering
how to start the day with her heart beating so slow
how to start afresh, how to bring back the glow
and all she has to do is to keep on with the flow

The daily routine ....the starting of another day
be strong, be patient, keep going, take care
easy for others to say

And all she need is the bunch of flowers
to feel a flip of joy in her heart for hours
hears a whisper calling her from above the towers

Past above the tower of time
runs no clock no chime

Its shadow high above her she casts a glance
she will hurry there when she gets the chance

For the moment all she need is the bunch of flowers
the flip of joy in her heart to keep her going for hours

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A.H.ROSTAMI said...

A very good writing.
I am sure she will get a bunch of flower.

A.H.ROSTAMI said...

Happy the birthday day of the Rescuer. He is Mahdi or Jesus.., it does not matter. World is waiting for real justice and happiness.

A.H.ROSTAMI said...

She gets bunch of flower every hours.