That's what friends are for

You need to get something off your chest
to unburden what hurts you and rest

to close the door and fasten the lid
to get it open when you are in need

you need a Wishing Well
you need to have what no money can buy nor sell

to whisper your wishes and dreams to
you need a stone to talk into

not a wishingwell nor a stone but I offer you a heart of water & mud
a heart made of flesh and blood

a heart so hard to get and easy to mend; to keep your secrets in and pile up your sorrow
to get back when you have nowhere else to go

tell me of your dreams, of your wishes
tell me what’s been hurting you for years

in my chest keep what’s burdening you and more
that’s what friends are for..

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Anonymous said...

:) :(

A.H.ROSTAMI said...

It is supposed to tell the secrets to nobody!
But , I tell one secret!
I got the greatest hit from my closest friend. Because I told him my secret.

A.H.ROSTAMI said...

There are two kinds of secrets:
In one kind the secret is promissing, if you tell the friends,there is one jealous, and he or she is quite sufficient to put you down.
In another one, the secret is depressing, if you tell the friends, and in the future you become famous, there is at least one jealous to put you down.
Any way I tell one of my secrets. If I become weak I tell all my secrets! It is good to be powerful.

Anonymous said...