My eyes are cracked

Feels good to cry like rain and thunder
those tears more than gems to treasure
when blue
when no one to tell the heart to
when tears are dried and lost
I want them back; i need to
staring out the window
for how long will i be so?
the brain a hollow
eyes getting cracked
the flow of tears in them is lacked.

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The Lamb said...

I think I'm very fortunate because I can usually pour out my heart in downpours! But whenever I can't cry, I feel suffocated.

Othersideblue said...

Dear lamb,
Thanx for coming to my page.
Feel free to visit me more often.
you know I feel suffocated mostly .. cause my tears are lost somewhere.

kite said...

No body looses their tears completely. It is some where in you and when esteem grief embraces you, you will cry.

You will cry like a baby.

Ashley said...

I believe tears can be lost. Or maybe in a sence somone can run dry of tears. Somtimes when we run out we find another way to show sorrow. If I can't cry, I cut, the blood becomes my tears, replaces them in a sence. Its a sick sad world somtimes. I know how you feel othersideblue, my eyes are cracked from the lack of tears also.

Othersideblue said...

I treasure understanding and need it like i need my tears back
which we rarely find.
Ty for understanding.
ashley, maybe if we try hard we can stand against the problems wotever they are.

m.reza said...

My eyes being cracked
Since a flow of tears in them is lacked!
very nice, sorry for the delay, i have a new post now. I was struggling with myself for a very long time to write this story or not, and my mind was so occupied with that, that was the reason why I didn’t write for a month. Please drop by again. Cheers.