Sad day

Oh ... how sad the day
Come; Come abundant tears
fill my eyes
run and flow
Come; Come burning sigh
turn me into a flame
and what remains of me
as the ashes of the ashtray.

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A.H.ROSTAMI said...

Sure, Ashora and Tasua are sad days. We must look for the good and happy days too.

Windmills of Mind said...

How truly I wish I wear a tear,
to fall gracefully, without fear.

Anonymous said...

Burning sigh’s can drench all others
Tears, it says can quench all flames


m.reza said...

I am glad that i have found your weblog, very nice poems you have, very nice, cheers.

m.reza said...

I am glad that I have found your weblog. Very nice poems you have, very delicate and they touched my heart. Thanks.

Othersideblue said...

You are welcome and am glad that you found my weblog.
Thanks for ur compliment.
I read your poems and i see
You write deep and emotional .. from the bottom of ur heart that's beautiful.

kite said...

A tear, a drop if you have it ever
A share, if you would ever share