Comfortably numb

Here my pen has lost the ink
has there ever been to confusion a URL, a link?
but I like to open my heart so you can peep in
seeking a strong wall to speak, to lean
so to find composure, so be it
be my dreams come true to meet
before stops my heart the beat
with the destiny it's useless to defeat
Don't give me advice, don't regard me the culprit
my mind unscrewed long ago … I lost it

closing the door to advices, life was my share of cup that I gave up....

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Nachi said...

There are times in life when we knock on doors of our loved ones..only to return back as strangers..Loved this Poem about Numbness in Pain.. Nachi

Nachi said...

I loved these images..having clarity, beauty and they they know Life is open in loving, free to for to be breathing without fear..Nachi..

A.H.ROSTAMI said...

I don,t blame you. I believe in fate.Is is a matter of philosophy and beliefe.

A.H.ROSTAMI said...

I don,t blame you. I belive in fate. It is a matter of philosophy and belif.

jac said...

here I am again
with a mind inane

I read the lines
I heard the tunes

I feel it again
an echo just remain

I am not wise
no more advice

wish you to know
here I felt snow

to write in this way
a real God given way

give up is sad
nay, says our God

if this be the last
this sure be my toast

I leave it to you
be wise, will you?