not among us anymore

Posted by Picasa Dear souls rest in peace without lullabies
rest in peace without pain and worries
winter nightmares you don’t have anymore
picking regret flowers you don't need any more
the sun is not getting you sun burned any more
the wind is not blasting your lovely face any more
and not waking up in doubts and worries any more
you left the puppets
leaving behind The jungle rules
leaving a world that kindness is strange to souls
you took your heart somewhere else
some place that heaven door bells
some place that angels sing you lullabies
you sleeping now without bedtime stories
May you rest in peace with no pain and no worries.

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4 comments: said...

Very good poem
Good people rest in peace. The problem is everyone says that he or she is good too!
I hope that every one rest in peace, finally.
Congratulation for this peace of work.

m.reza said...

may them rest in peace. loved it.

jac said...

Now I got the point.
To all innocent people who lost their life.

A lovely tribute, othersideblue !!

Congrats !!!

Othersideblue said...

Thanks to everyone
who cares to read
and for visiting my page
and for your nice compliments.